LitecoinPrivate Mining Pool will be available in

Pool will be operational once the blockchain is ready

Pool will have 0% pool fee for the first 2 weeks

What is Litecoin Private?


Litecoin Private is a future litecoin fork that allows for private transactions thanks to the utilization of zkSNARKs, and smart contract capabilities alongside with our revolutionary DAO Management Engine. Litecoin Private will originally be distributed in an airdrop through our solidity smart contracts as an ERC20 token, a total of 21,000,000 LTCP (12.5% of the supply), after the Litecoin fork, 75% of the supply will be redeemable by current Litecoin holders and after that we will do another airdrop, this time through Litecoin Private smart contracts to distribute the rest of the remaining supply (another 11.5%) fairly to the community. 75% will be held by LTC owners and 24% by airdrop recipients. We believe this is the most fair distribution method possible for a new coin.

Litecoin Private is significantly faster than BTC (200x FASTER!) and LTC (50x FASTER) due to its 5 second block time. Litecoin Private is capable of doing 300 TPS, which is 75 times more than Bitcoin. Due to the utilization of the revolutionary zkSNARKs technology, we are able to provide private transactions through LTCP, similar to those in Monero, ZClassic and other privacy coins. LTCP will also be the first blockchain to allow smart contracts with complete transaction privacy. Furthermore, thanks to our revolutionary DAO Management Engine (DAOME), it's incredibly easy to create a DAO on the LTCP blockchain.